REEL Good Shots

Hello: My name is Lee. Roy and I have been married for a while now (over four decades). It's been quite the journey. We met and married in a 12 week span, and bought our first camera two years later. A Jeep soon followed and weekends of stalking the good shot became the routine. It captured our hearts and minds...

But then life loomed large and the cameras had to wait... We had a daughter, Ara, by choice, and one grandson, by her choice. We followed the practical road.

  Roy spent his career in computer science. He started
  programming computers when they were the size of large
  rooms and hermitically sealed. When he finished his career
  hundreds would fit in the same room,each 50,000 times more powerful than the first ones.
  His Master's degree in Computer Science and his technical expertise has made our digital
  photography endeavors much easier. As important as computers are in his world, photography is
  his real passion (except for me, of course).

  In 1988 I went back to college and received my teaching credentials in 1991 (taught 6th and 7th   graders because I like them). Then, eight years later, when our daughter graduated from high school, I decided to leave education and retrain as a paralegal. I received my certification in 1996 and worked as a contracts administrator/manager for the tele-ommunications industry.

In 2005 we retired and re-entered the world of photography, this time with digital equipment. We should have never left. We hike the beautiful Colorado mountains. We travel around the country, and visit the national parks. We walk America's neighborhoods, amble down city streets and parks, forever looking for the next good shot. The camera has become our eyes, our lives, and our joy, once again.

We've picked up where we left off. We hope you will enjoy our work. We do.